Agricultural Services

In addition to our specialist grassland services, we also undertake a number of specialist services for farms and large estates. These include:

  • Crop Spraying and Liquid Fertiliser Application, using a 24 metre trailed Chafer sprayer
  • GPS Nutrient Mapping and Soil Sampling
  • Muck Spreading, using either a 16 tonne vertical beater machine, or a 22 tonne twin disc machine, which can be used on poultry litter, cattle muck, horse muck and lime. Both spreaders are equipped with floatation tyres.
  • Hedge & Verge Cutting, using either a flail or tri-saw blade attachment
  • Overseeding/Reseeding
  • Setaside and field margin mowing
  • Slug pelleting
  • Field Margin and footpath spraying
  • Tractor, driver and 18 tonne trailer with floatation wheels for hire

Both of our 180hp tractors have 55km/hr road speeds and are available to hire, in three forms:

  1. Tractor and driver
  2. Tractor and driver, plus a 3 tonne front end loader, which is available with pallet forks, bucket, muck grab, bale spike or silage/haylage bale grab.
  3. Tractor and driver, plus an 18 tonne high speed grain trailer, complete with floatation wheels, sprung drawbar, hydraulic tailgate and air brakes.

Our operators are experienced in all aspects of arable operations, from cultivations and drilling, to spraying and fertiliser spreading and are available with our 150hp tractor, to undertake any of these tasks on one-off occasions, or regular contracts. Both operators are PA1 and PA2 certified.