Crop Spraying

Our rapidly expanding Spraying side of the business, provides a comprehensive crop protection service to a wide variety of clients, from farmers and equestrian owners, to local authorities.  We can provide anything from a one off application to whole season contracts, covering all aspects of arable production, paddocks, amenity grassland, large parkland areas and hardstandings.

With spraying being such a time sensitive aspect of any business, we provide an extremely reliable, professional and competitive service to all our clients.  We have a wide range of equipment to suit every task, from a 3.5 metre quad bike sprayer, to a 24 metre trailed Chafer sprayer with a 4,000 litre tank.  The Chafer is equipped with twin lines, allowing us to undertake liquid fertiliser applications.  We have a dedicated operator for each machine, ensuring they get the optimum performance for the best results.  Both operators are NPTC qualified in PA1, PA2, PA4 and PA6 qualifications, as well as being members of The National Register of Sprayer Operators (NRoSO).

To aid efficiency, the quad bikes are fitted with a John Deere Starfire lightbar system and the tractor is fitted with a self-steer TopCon guidance system.  This comes into its own, for spraying grassland and pre-emergence herbicides on arable land, minimising overlaps and significantly improving application rates.  With the current regulations on spraying and chemical use becoming even tighter, we have made a significant investment in equipment such as this, to ensure any applications are made in an accurate, responsible and timely fashion to uphold our professionalism.

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